Who is Jessica Hover?

I am a trusted voice in the world of early motherhood and family, and have more than seven years of experience in content creation and brand work across my Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok channels.
I have been married for almost 14 years and have three young children. I lead two online communities—a Facebook group with more than 10,000 members and a paid membership group of more than 400 people. I am an entrepreneur, podcaster, and inspiring public speaker.
My small business, Very Good Mothers Club, brought in more than $100K in retail sales within the first 10 months of launching. Brands seek out partnerships because I have positioned myself as a "big sister" to growing families everywhere. My presence is positive, encouraging, and relatable.

My family and I are signed models with It Model Management in southern California, and we lived in Spain for several years with a non-profit (before the pandemic) where we learned basic Spanish. I have worked with brands like Hyundai, Audible, Hello Fresh, Chuck E. Cheese, and thred UP.
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Meet Jessica’s
Husband Shaun

Shaun Hover is a professional skateboarder and master of short form video creation. Formerly the host of his own show on Snapchat, "The Shaun Hover Reality Show", he produced new episodes daily for two years and garnered a vast international audience. Shaun now focuses his energy on raising his kids as a stay-at-home dad, skateboarding, and creating content for his audiences of more than 100K people on Instagram and Tiktok.

In 2022, one of Shaun's videos was viewed more than 40 million times on his platforms and was reposted by major media outlets. Brands seek out Shaun for his fun and exceptionally creative content. He has more than a decade of public speaking experience and is very comfortable coming up with new ideas in a very short time. He has been featured on dozens of podcasts and video specials. His audience is primarily skateboarders and dads. He has partnered with brands like Hyundai, Zip Top, Cariuma, and Crocs
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